Install System Libraries

Make sure you have Python 3 for Windows installed first:

Install ffmpeg:

Install sox:

Install a latex distribution. On Windows MikTex is commonly used:

Path configuration

To invoke commandline without supplying path to the binary the PATH environment needs to be configured. Below are template examples, please change the path according to your username and specific python version. Assuming all the softwares are installed with no alteration to the installation paths:


The path entries should be separated by semicolon.

Installing python packages and manim

Make sure you can start pip using pip in your commandline. Then do pip install pyreadline for the readline package.

Grab the pycairo wheel binary pycairo‑1.18.0‑cp37‑cp37m‑win32.whl from and install it via pip C:\absolute\path\to\the\whl\file

clone the manim repository if you have git git clone or download the zip file from the repository page with Clone or download button and unzip it.

Open the commandline within the manim directory with Shift + Right click on an empty space in the folder and select open command window here

Install manim python dependencies with pip install -r requirement.txt

Test the installation

Type in python -m manim -h and if nothing went wrong during the installtion process you should see the help text.

Use python -m manim SquareToCircle -pl to render the example scene and the file should play after rendering. The movie file should be in media/videos/example_scenes/480p15